When to mail party invitations
When should you mail your party invitations is not a  trick question, but the answer can be confusing.  When to mail your party invitations depends on:
  • the type of party you are having
  • is it casual or formal
  • for kids or adults
  • for business or personal
  • in town, out of state or out of the country
  • is there a holiday or big event conflict

When to Mail Kid's Party Invitations:
For kids birthday party invitations, two to four weeks in advance should be enough notice.  However, if your child's party is around a holiday, around a busy sports schedule or around sports play-offs for your child or is on the same day as say the Super Bowl, extra notice or even having the party on a different day close to the birthday may be necessary.  Once children are in school, they understand their parties will occur on weekends and not necessarily on their birthdays.  You will also want to make sure best friends, grandparents and other special people are available on your chosen date and time before creating invitations.
When to Mail Formal Party Invitations:
Formal invitations should be sent four-six weeks before the date, even as much as eight weeks for a wedding.  If you want to send more than eight weeks notice of a party, consider sending a save the date card instead with the invitation to follow six-eight weeks before the event. Formal occasions include:
charity gala
milestone birthday
baby shower
wedding shower
retirement party
first communion
When to Mail Casual Party Invitations:
Informal or casual event invitations should be mailed two to four weeks before the party date. Casual barbecues, pool parties, dinner parties, birthday parties don't require a lot of notice to attend. Again, the exception to this is if there is a holiday on your party date or if there will be several other people celebrating the same occasion such as your child's graduation party should not be scheduled at the same time as their best friend's party, the Super Bowl, Halloween, etc.
When to Mail Holiday Party Invitations
When to Mail Holiday Invitations:
Holiday schedules fill up at warp speed, so for the best turnout at your party, you will want to mail holiday party invitations early enough to be the first to claim the date and the excitement and attention of your invited guests.

December Friday and Saturday nights are popular nights for parties, so don't wait long to claim the date for your event. New Year's Eve is also a party you will want to give guests lots of notice so they select your party as to one to attend.

When to Use Save the Date Cards:
If you are planning a party that needs advance notice for guests to take off work, travel long distances or arrange for child care, you can send save the date cards that notify them of the party, the date, and that more information will follow by a printed invitation with all the details.  Holidays, weddings, business functions or occasions that fight for your guests attendance such as 4th of July, Christmas, New Year's Eve are parties guests will appreciate receiving save the date cards to make advance preparations necessary to attend your party.


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